I will, said the earth.

I am a sophomore illustration student at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. This is a place for sketches, assignments, and personal work. Constructive feedback is appreciated!

The artist spotlight this week is Quint Buchholz!


I just stumbled upon his work tonight and at first I thought the pieces pictured were by Chris van Allsburg - they have a very similar style and subject matter! Mr. Buchholz is an illustrator from Munich who has illustrated over thirty books. 

The artist artist spotlight this week is Gabriella Barouch!


She is an illustrator based in Paris who makes beautiful, intricate drawings of people, animals, and nature, often on toned paper with muted colors and patterns. 

She has a very nice series of illustrations based on music, and all of her pieces are adorable and quite well executed. Great stuff!

Finally, a new project! These are three posters I made for my sister for Christmas. I had to make them right after finishing my finals and was suffering from some serious artist’s block, so they were very challenging. The bands are fun., Death Cab for Cutie, and Simon & Garfunkel. 

To make these, I first drew/painted each on an 8x10” piece of bristol. Using the smaller size allowed me to finish each piece more quickly. Then I went to Staples and had them scan and print each poster at size 18x24” and had them laminated.

I apologize for the terrible quality of these images (and my reflection!), obviously they were too big to fit on my scanner at home and I didn’t have an area in my house with good lighting. The second image above is the original artwork, the rest are of the posters.

This week’s artist (two days late!) is Ryohei Hase, an freelance illustrator based in Tokyo. 


He says on his website: “My theme of paintings is to express the darkness of mind which is sad and gloomy but at the same time, it’s beautiful and strong.” 

I couldn’t find anything about his media or technique, but he does mention using digital on at least one piece. Most of his pieces feature animals and human/animal hybrids, often with repetition. I especially enjoy his “Their Feelings” series, featuring animals used and abused for human consumption.

His work is both intellectually complex and highly detailed, always with powerful meaning - well worth a look! 

Here’s the artist of the week - James Jean!


He does a lot of painting, but what I love most are his sketches. Looking at the plethora of sketchbooks on his site inspired me to work in ballpoint pen. So much fun! I’m amazed by Mr. Jean’s ability to make such beautiful and accurate drawings in such a permanent medium. Not to mention all the layering he does! The way he places sketch on top of sketch on top of sketch is unbelievable. Some artists make me wonder if they see things differently from the rest of us…

The artist spotlight this week is Adara Sanchez Anguiano at http://cargocollective.com/adara. 

Adara is a Spanish illustrator whose figure drawings and paintings have more beauty and character than any others I’ve seen. She (I believe the artist is female, please correct me if I’m wrong!) uses mostly white figures with touches of pink and red, along with saturated monochromatic “dots” behind some figures. The line work appears effortless, yet is very accurate.

Absolutely gorgeous work - her site is well worth a visit!